11 Things You Didn’t Notice In The Jurassic Park

Jurassic World is coming out in June and to keep you excited for it’s release, We collected some cool things from the original Jurassic Park which even eagle eyed fans maybe missed.

1. Dennis was a fan of Jaws.


You can see a small window playing the film (which was also directed by Steven Spielberg) on his computer.

2. There’s a potted plant and light chilling in the tyrannosaur paddock.


3. Ian dives headfirst through the bathroom door in order to avoid being eaten by the tyrannosaurus.


4. Then puts a tourniquet on his own leg.


5.The Making of Jurassic Park is a real book written by Don Shay and Jody Duncan.


6.Hammond seems to have discovered perpetual motion.


If the power was out, how else would you explain ceiling fans that never stop spinning?

7.In the dining room we see corporate slides that suggest Hammond anticipated Jurassic Park becoming more popular than both “sports” and “zoos.”


8.He was also planning to expand internationally, including a Jurassic Park Europe.


9. The iconic entrance to the park is pretty much a tour prop, since the fence doesn’t encircle anything.


The fencing literally ends like three feet from the gate.

10.Alan compares dinosaurs to birds throughout the movie, and what does he see as he’s leaving the island? A flock of friggen birds!


It wasn’t until three years after the movie debuted that paleontologists announced the discovery of a dinosaur covered in a fine coat of “fuzzy protofeathers.” This would lead to the confirmation that birds are indeed descendants of dinosaurs.

Dr. Alan Grant was years ahead of his time!


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