11 Times Celebs Snapped Back At Ellen DeGeneres

1. When Dakota Johnson called out Ellen and said she “didn’t even know if she liked her”:


2. When Hasan Minhaj wasn’t here for Ellen’s mispronunciation of his name:

3. When Wendy Williams — after a tense interview where Ellen chastised her for being “mean” — said this to Ellen during a game of Heads Up:

4. When Kathy Griffin said this about Ellen after she refused to do a tribute for Joan Rivers:

“That fucking set me off. So we had a fight in which I used inflammatory words like, ‘Look you fucking untalented hack.’ … You know when you’re fighting with someone and you can kind of laugh at a point? Yeah, not that day.”

5. And when Kathy texted Ellen trying to make amends and Ellen ignored her, Kathy said this:

“That bitch didn’t even respond!” Kathy said. “But that was a good idea!”

6. When Sean Hayes and Ellen had an awkward interview:

7. When Katy Perry called Ellen out for forgetting her marriage:

8. When singer Calum Scott called out Ellen for having producers insist he not look her in the eyes:

“I was backstage and the stage manager was walking with me as I was just about to go on the show. I told him I can’t believe I’m getting to do this, and he was like ‘Yeah, it’s so amazing, but remember not to look Ellen in the eye — everything else is fine but just don’t look her in the eye.’”

9. When Ellen implied Priyanka Chopra just got Quantico handed to her by a network, and Priyanka said, “That doesn’t happen often.”

10. When Ellen put up Justin Bieber’s nudes and then questioned him about a girl in the background, he said this:

Ellen DeGeneres

11. And when Ariana Grande wasn’t here for Ellen asking about her personal life:

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