12 Adults Moments From ‘Frozen 2’ That Only Adults Will Understand

Frozen 2

Disney die-hards are showing the Easter eggs like Hidden Mickeys and Elsa’s toy Baymax (from Big Hero Six), we thought we’d take a moment to point out the more complex (and okay, also hilarious) trivia and messages woven into Frozen 2.

1. Olaf is the Internet.

The snowman spouts inane factoids and pop psychology advice in a nonstop flow of chatter. He’s even very good at recapping the events of Frozen (and Frozen 2, after the credits). If you listen to him closely, he starts to resemble your newsfeed come to life.

2. Women can wear pants!

Sure, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna wear dresses throughout the movie, like good Disney royals, but when they travel to find the enchanted forest — ta-dah! — they’re both wearing leggings underneath, making their outfits much more practical for rugged adventures. This feels like a huge fashion evolution. Now, if only their boots weren’t high-heeled…

3. Kristoff’s Bohemian Glory Eclipse of the Woods

Jonathan Groff says his character’s rock ballad, “Lost in the Woods,” reminded him most of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” particularly with his reindeer chorus. It’s actually a great mashup of every single sad rock song of the ’80s we can think of. The kids are definitely wondering why their parents found this scene so funny. Stay for the credits to hear Weezer cover this too.

4. “I can’t freeze this moment.”

Do kids today understand nostalgia? Maybe in the abstract, though they’re definitely much more into looking toward the future. Meanwhile, every adult watching totally gets the push and pull Anna and Elsa feel with regard to wanting to hold onto happiness, wistfully noticing inevitable change, and rushing headlong “Into the Unknown.”

5. Oh, look! The world is not all-white!

The creators actually listened to complaints about Arendelle being so homogeneous and cast Sterling K. Brown as the king’s guard. It doesn’t fix the past, but that’s one good step forward.

6. Colonialism is the worst.

Just before Thanksgiving, Disney is finally getting around to showing us how dominant white cultures really “made peace” with most indigenous tribes. Elsa and Anna’s grandfather, King Agnarr constructed a dam and arranged for a celebration with the Northuldra people, all as a ruse to overpower them. Though they discover their mother was Northuldra, the two sisters are left cleaning up the mess, both the guilt and present-day repercussions of their grandfather’s evil deeds.

7. Elsa’s Fortress of Solitude.

When Elsa finally reaches the frozen river Ahtohallan, Superman fans have been a little miffed about just how much this memory cave looks like the icy palace where Kal-El talks to his own dead parents.

8. Olaf, victim of the Infinity Wars.

Meanwhile, Marvel Universe fans have remarked on how much Olaf’s disintegration in Anna’s arms looks like Spider-man’s after the Snap.

9. “The Next Right Thing”

Who knew Disney could help us cope with what to do when the whole world seems to be on fire? Anna sings this to get herself through her grief and power forward. We can sing it to ourselves as we volunteer, sign a petition, or donate a few bucks, rather than bury our overwhelmed heads in the sand.

10. How The Crown could have gone.

Elsa abdicates her crown to her younger sister, whom everyone agrees is much more suited to the job. This is exactly the arrangement Princess Margaret hoped her sister Elizabeth would pull off.

11. “I prefer you in leather, anyway.”

Woah. That racy statement comes from Queen Anna, remarking on Kristoff’s fancy togs. The fanfic writers will have fun with that one, when they aren’t spinning tales about Elsa and her new Northuldra friend Honeymaren, that is.

12. Happily ever after?

More than one character wonders if the Arendelle sisters are done having adventures. Are they?

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