12 Photos That Look Straight Down from Insane Heights

Photographer and urban explorer Ivan Kuznetsov shows us the world from a vantage point many of us will never experience first hand. Based in Moscow, the Russian photographer is a well-known ‘rooftopper’, which means he scales tall buildings and structures (often illegally) to take dizzying aerial photos of the world below.

While ‘extreme’ rooftopping has garnered plenty of notoriety for a growing group of young Eastern European photographers (mostly from Russia and Ukraine), the quality of the actual photos taken should be admired, as they manage to take some truly fantastic shots. While Kuznetsov takes many photos of the surrounding landscape without himself or his friends in the frame, I’ve focused on the images that convey how high and perilous the locations of their photos are.

1. Chapaevsky Pereulok, Moscow, Russia


2. Central Plaza, Hong Kong


3. Moskovskyi Bridge, Kiev, Ukraine


4. Moscow, Russia


5. Moscow, Russia

Ivan Kuznetsov

6. Moscow, Russia


7. Moscow, Russia


8. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China


9. Kiev, Ukraine


10. Kiev, Ukraine

Ivan Kuznetsov

11. Moscow, Russia


12. Shanghai, China


Photograph by IVAN KUZNETSOV
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