12 Things You Don’t Know About Minions And Despicable Me 2


Despicable Me 2 was one of the greatest animation movie of our time. It is not just hilariously funny but credit goes to clever writing as well. I am sure you cannot forget to mix Minions into the mix and then you get the best Jam ever! Better then the one they are trying to make in the movie. You guys do know Minions speak the Banana Language, If you want to learn the language then you can read it from the link.

1) When the Minions assemble to give Dr. Nefario a 21-fart-gun salute, Minions said “Pado” and then fart-gun sounds. “Pado” means fart, in Hindi language.

2) The start of the film features yellow-jacketed humans speaking a foreign language. This is a reference to the original design for Despicable Me (2010)’s minions – the iconic shortened shape came about as a result of a low budget for the first film.

3) When the minions are fruit stomping, to the left one is giving CPR to another.

4) When Gru first visits his Minions in the underground workshop, several Minions can be seen taking a break and eating lunch on top of a cross beam. This is in homage to the famous “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” photograph from 1932.

5) There are at least two minions called Kevin. In the first Despicable Me (2010) Kevin has one eye, in the second another minion named Kevin has two eyes and is taller.

6) One of the minions in the end credits has Heterochromia iridum. His left eye is brown while his right eye is green.

7) When Silas Ramsbottom shows Gru a video of a rabbit being injected with mutation serum, the name tag of the lead scientist in the video reads “COFFIN” – a reference to co-director and Minion voice actor Pierre Coffin.

8) When the Minions assemble to give Dr. Nefario a 21-fart-gun salute, the bugle call “To the Color” can be heard playing in the background. This is a U.S. Army bugle call that is traditionally played on Army posts after the call of “Retreat,” as the post flag is lowered at the end of the duty day.

9) There’s a brief shot in the film in which Edith is playing ping pong with a minion, but uses a pair of nunchaku as opposed to a ping pong paddle. This is a reference to a famous Chinese Nokia commercial in which a Bruce Lee impersonator in a mock “lost home video” also plays a game of ping pong using only a pair of nunchaku.

10) In the beginning of the movie, you see a minion getting his head stuck in a jar. Throughout the movie that minion is seen with the jar still stuck on his head.

11) Near the end of the film when Gru is fighting the infected minions an air ship controlled by Margo, Edith, Agnes and Dr. Nefario can be seen. The ship looks oddly familiar to the clone dropships found with Star Wars Attack Of The Clones.

12) When the ice cream truck arrives to kidnap the minions, it is playing a music box version of “Puff the Magic Dragon.” The song is uncredited in the film.

Bonus: When Gru enters the Eagle Hair Club and Eagle-san greets him, Eagle-san is petting what appears to be a long-haired white cat (which actually turns out to be a wig). This is a reference to James Bond films in which the leader of SPECTRE is petting a white cat.


Source IMDB

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