$120,000 Banana Duct-Taped Art Inspired 16 Brands To Make Funny Ads

Duct-Taped Art Inspired 16 Brands To Make Funny Ads

An Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan made the news for an art piece he made. It wasn’t an old generic painting or a sculpture. The piece, called “Comedian,” featured a real, delicious banana taped to a wall. It was a part of an exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach and was sold for a huge $120,000. If this didn’t make your eyes roll to the back of your skull, another artist David Datuna, onlookers by stripping the $120,000-worth banana art and eating it in front of them totally unapologetically.

Thousands of people online were mocking the art piece and lately, even advertising agencies started in on the ‘things taped to the wall’ wagon, simply because of the sheer stupidity of it. And maybe also because the concept became so recognizable, using such a selling trick would surely improve their sales. Check out the companies that created these hilarious ads.





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Fornino Pizza



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