13 Amazing Facts About Space And Space Travel

space facts

It’s good to keep things in perspective, and nothing shows how small even your biggest problem is when you consider how small our galaxy is to the universe …. let alone our planet to the galaxy. We’re hardly specks who hardly understand the grand mystery of space that surrounds us. Here are 13 facts to keep your insignificant brain engaged.

Rogue planets (planets that don't rotate stars) could outnumber the stars in our galaxy They are hard for astronomers to spot as they don't emit light or much heat. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMThe planet Uranus was discovered before the continent of Antarctica. Antarctica was discovered in 1820, but Uranus was the first planet discovered via telescope in 1781. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMIf NASA's funding stayed at Apollo levels, they were planning a manned mission to Mars by 1983 The Space Task Group planned to develop a lunar orbit station in 1978 and a lunar surface base in 1980. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMThe inventor of the TV was unimpressed by his invention until he watched the moon landing. His wife said, We were watching it, and, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, Phil turned to me and said, 'Pem, this has made it all worthwhile.' Before then, he wasn't too sure. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMPizza Hut delivered a pizza to space. Pizza-Hut The company paid $1 million for the promotional gesture of sending pizza to the International Space Station. The pizza had salami instead of pepperoni due to the meat's shelf-life. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMWe don't know what Neil Armstrong took to the moon. His record for his personal property kit has never been made public. During his moon trip, he took an unscheduled visit to Little West crater, off-camera. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMScientists didn't know the the length of a day on Saturn until 2019 It's 10 hours, 33 minutes and 38 seconds. It was difficult to figure out because the gas planet has no solid surface to follow its rotation and an unusual magnetic field. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMThere are 96 bags of human waste on the moon. They were left behind by the six Apollo Missions. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMA helium balloon on the moon would plunge to the ground Without air to rise above, the helium might as well be lead. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMPluto was a planet for less than one of its own years Pluto's orbit takes 248 Earth years. It was only considered a planet for 76 years. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMBuzz Aldrin took communion on the moon The wafer and wine were the first food consumed on the moon's surface. Neil Armstrong respectfully watched but didn't comment on the Christian sacrement. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMWe didn't always have the same North Star. Due to a slight wobble of the Earth's axis, the North Star changes. When humans were building the Pyramids, the star Thuban was used for Northern guidance. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COMThe first woman in space was sent in a ship that wasn't programmed to descend Ground control was able to send and install a new program which allowed her to safely return They also forgot to give her a toothbrush. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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