A 13-Foot Star Destroyer Will Be Built With LEGO

Star Destroyer

Thomas Benedikt has big dreams in LEGO building world. He wants to build a LEGO version of a Super Star Destroyer. And yes, there’s an official model of an SSD already available, but it’s only 4-feet long. But Thomas wants to built it on a bigger scale… much bigger scale.

Star Destroyer

That takes a lot of LEGO bricks way a lot you have in your attic. So Thomas has set up a Kickstarter (via Brothers Brick) that’s looking for $15,000, which he says will mostly cover the cost of getting hold of “over 20,000 light gray tile pieces.

The plans: Which themselves took over 1000 hours to put together using modelling software – call for a LEGO star ship of nightmarish proportions.

When finished, this Star Destroyer will clock in at:

Pieces: 90,000

Weight: 100kg (220 pounds)

Surface Area: 53 square feet

Dimensions: 12’6″ x 4’1″ x 1′

5000 LED lights to be placed throughout the ship.

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