13 Incredible Scientific Facts About How Insignificant We Humans Are

Scientific Facts

Stephen Hawking once said that humans are “just a chemical scum on a moderate-sized planet, orbiting around a very average star in the outer suburb of one among a hundred billion galaxies.” Who are we to argue with him? Here are more facts that no matter who you are or what you’ve done, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of the universe.



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More than half your body is not human Human cells only make up 43% of the cells in our bodies. The majority of cells? Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and archaea. CRACKED.COMMost of the elements in your body were made in stars Most of the elements were created over billions of years during the lifetimes of multiple stars. Elements in your body heavier than iron went through at least one supernova. CRACKED.COMAround 109 billion people have ever lived if you include the first Homo sapiens, the number goes up to 117 billion. (Let's hope ghosts don't exist to avoid the crowds.) 7% of all humans who have lived are alive today. CRACKED.COMHumans are closer in time to T. rex than T. rex to Stegosaurus Stegosaurus lived 155 to 150 million years ago, while the last T. rex lived about 66 million years ago CRACKED.COMT. rex existed for over two million years. There's estimated to have been 2.5 billion T. rex who existed over this time. Homo sapiens have only been around for 250,000. years. Now, what's left of T. rex? 32 fossils. CRACKED.COMPlants weigh more than all other life on Earth Plants make up 80% of the planet's biomass, with humans accounting for only 0.01%. (Although, it's notable that humans have decreased plants by half in 000 years.) CRACKED.COMPhysicists imagine we might live in a hologram Simulations support that we could live in a hologram. Of course, that's not the same as mathematical proof, but it hasn't been ruled out as a possibility. CRACKED.COMThere might be six billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy Earth is pretty special to us, but the estimate is based on rocky, Earth-sized planets with a similar distance to a Sun-like star. CRACKED.COMThe Sun takes up 99.8% of our solar system's mass. The yellow dwarf star (an average size for a star) is the most significant object in our solar system. Its gravity holds the whole thing together. CRACKED.COMThe Sun is only one among 300 sextillion stars. Our solar system revolves around the incredibly insignificant star that's one in 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. And those are just the estimated stars in the observable universe. CRACKED.COMThere are two trillion galaxies (that we know of) As recently as 2016, we realized our previous estimates were 10 times too low. Over 90% of the galaxies in the current estimate have yet to be studied. The Milky Way is looking trivial now. CRACKED.COMDark energy makes up 68% of the Universe Dark matter makes up another 27%. We don't know much about either. Everything else (including Earth and everything observed with instruments) makes up only 5%. CRACKED.COMWe don't know if the Universe is infinite or if multiverses exist Our Universe is only 13.8 billion years old so anyhing farther than 13.8 billion light years apart would be unknowable. CRACKED.COM

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