13″ MacBook Air Retro Comes To Life

MacBook Air Retro

The 13-inch MacBook Air Retro turns back the clock to when Macs came in a weird beige color described as “putty.” Its most noticeable feature is the cheery rainbow Apple logo, a look that Apple phased out in the late ’90s after a couple of decades of service. The overall appearance of the laptop is inspired by Apple’s IIe, which was originally released in 1983. ColorWare even added fake IIe-style vents along the lid of the laptop.

MacBook Air Retro

The Air Retro comes at a precious price of $3,499, which is $2,300 more than a regular top-of-the-line MacBook Air will cost you from Apple. That converts to about £2,155 or AU$3,870 (ColorWare ships internationally.) The MacBook AirRetro will be limited to an edition of just 10 computers, so you’ll want to hurry up and plunk your money down if you absolutely have to have one.

ColorWare describes the look of the Air Retro as a “thrilling contradiction.” Depending on your personal tastes, you may find this combination of nostalgia and modern technology to be extremely funny, slightly unsettling, or uber-hip. The rainbow logo lights up and the beige color will cause people to look twice. If you do buy one, you can rest easy in your individuality know that only nine other people in the whole world have one. Plus, it’s a lot easier to carry around than an actual IIe.


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