13 New Details About New-Gen GTA 5

13 New Details About New-Gen GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V’s new first-person mode on new-gen consoles and PC were confirmed 24 hours ago and after that media got berserk but here you will know more details except that new version got first person view.

13 New Details About New-Gen GTA V

CVG  and Gizmodo UK released some new things about the next gen version of GTA 5, I highly recommend that you read both articles for more detail.

  1. On PS4, the light bar will flash red and blue when you’re being chased by the cops.
  2. Also on PS4, you can touch the touchpad to switch modes between first- and third-person. There will be a few options to control when the game’s in first-person and when it switches back to third – you can have it so that shooting is in first-person but it snaps back to third-person when you’re in cover, for instance.
  3. The PC version is 4K compatible and PS4/Xbox One versions will run at 1080p/30fps.
  4. All the vehicles have had their interiors re-done to take advantage of first-person view. All the dials work!
  5. Police radio and phone calls are now emitted by the DualShock 4’s speaker.
  6. Swiping the touch panel now changes weapons and radio stations.
  7. Los Santos is now filled with different animals; those monsters at CVG discovered that fluffy cats aren’t bullet-proof.
  8. There are thousands of new first-person animations for reloading weapons, parachuting, and other activities.
  9. The phone is now a 3D object, and selfie mode is even more creepily realistic than before.
  10. You can create first-person-only missions in GTA Online.
  11. There’s new pedestrian chatter to go with the 100s of new songs and radio shows.
  12. Everybody loves the new rail gun.
  13. You can see bullet-holes in your OWN BODY now.

13 New Details About New-Gen GTA V


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