13 Weirdest Logos You Will Ever See

When you see a logo on the street or on internet, you think it’s all about hidden meanings, color theory and all such stuff, but not this time. but not all designers are clever enough to get you hooked by simply looking at he logo. These are some of the weirdest logo designs ever, which failed drastically and below you will see some of the weirdest and in some cases disturbing logos.


Weirdest Logos

This logo was made intentionally dirty by A-Style. A-Style logo was born well before the line of clothing – designed in 1989 and marketed in Italy since 1999. The newspapers and television began to be interested in the strange appearances of the logo, and soon the company started marketing their products under the brand A-Style.

Office of Government Commerce.

Weirdest Logos

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) is an independent office of the treasury. Sometimes you need to shift your view to realize the error.

Kudawara Pharmacy.

Weirdest Logos

This logo was once used by Japanese Pharmacy called Kudawara. It was supposed to indicate the alphabet ‘K’ but it failed miserably.

The Computer Doctors.

Weirdest Logos

I know one thing, I don’t want them anywhere near my computer.

Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission.

Weirdest Logos

Now this isn’t alluding to anything about the stereotypes how the Catholic Church treats young children. This is an actual logo designed in 1973. It even won an award from the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles.


Weirdest Logos

I didn’t know there are parents aletting their young children go through with this serious operation.
When you see it – KID SEX CHANGE.

CHINA Restaurant.

Weirdest Logos

The meaning of this logo is a sun rising behind a Japanese tea house. But the logo convey something different.

Kostelecke Uzeniny

Weirdest Logos

Kostelecké Uzeniny is a Czech sausage company, which is what we’re assuming they were trying to depict in this logo. However, if you were unaware that they made sausages, you might jump to an entirely different conclusion based on that fun logo.

Starbucks sliding door van fail.

Weirdest Logos

After creating a 17 billion dollar worth of brand and opening 19,972 coffeehouses in 60 countries, it’s the sliding-door van that might get in your way.

RIP English.

Weirdest Logos

Some English courses can be a real pain in ass.

If you know what they mean.

Weirdest Logos

If you want to get in touch with nature and explore the great outdoors, camping is the way to do it. Just don’t expect everything to go as planned.

Black Anus Steak House.

Weirdest Logos

Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be dining there tonight.

Music connecting people.

Weirdest Logos

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