14 Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

We have put together a list of films that will make you see the world from a different view and never go back. After watching these, again and again, you’ll certainly feel restored to the universe.

The Theory Of Everything

’The Theory of Everything is a great tale of a great man. With just a few simple yet elegant strokes, a life story of an English scientist turns into a discussion about the connections between art and science, true love, and the infinity of human will and mind. It offers some food for reflection.

Waking Life

This is a philosophical parable filled with eternal questions about life and unexpected answers. Every step here gives a start to new puzzles. This film is a collection of pulsing thoughts aimed straight at your head. The images are secondary, so they blur into one big, chaotic, beautiful mess.

La cité des enfants perdus

(The City of Lost Children)

If we try telling you the plot of this one, it won’t make any sense. If we attempt to describe the visual wonder we’re seeing before us, we’ll look like crazy people who are endeavoring to put the indescribable into words. So go ahead and watch it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

I Origins

This film teaches us a very important thing — the ability to see beyond our own world, to change, and to give a chance to seemingly unrealistic, impossible things. This film is for those who feel deeply and, at times, experience uncertainty.

The Danish Girl

Donnie Darko

’Donnie Darko’ addresses important philosophical issues: the idea of destiny and whether it can be changed, the idea of self-sacrifice for the good of others, and the idea of everything happening for a reason. Questions keep popping up and buzzing around, making you a bit dizzy but definitely intrigued.



Sometimes it takes finding yourself on the edge to realize your problems and start looking for solutions. Sometimes this realization comes when you still can get out of bed and pick up the phone, and sometimes it doesn’t. This movie is about how, why, and when we’re making our decisions.


Despite its peculiar genre, ’Cube’ will bring to mind a lot of things: the situations when circumstances are stronger than us, the fragility of the things that we consider set in stone, how hard it is to save both your face and soul, and how there’s always a way out, even when you don’t see it. This movie provides plenty of questions on which to chew. Who created our world? Does it even matter? After all, we’re already here.


Not without a few giggles aimed at the entertainment industry, Alejandro González Iñárritu managed to turn the story of a Broadway production into an exciting and witty black comedy about the soul that has flown above despair. Not only will you see inside the world of cinema and theatre-making, but also into the thoughts and methods of the actors who are not afraid to take a step into the abyss.

El laberinto del fauno

(Pan’s Labyrinth)

This is a cruel and divine fantasy about war and peace, growing up way too soon and escaping into a fairy tale. The only problem is that the ’fantasy’ part will seem disgusting, and the ’real’ one? Even more so. Is this a horror story or a harsh reality? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys

This movie covers the ever-hot topic of madness, the end of the world, love and the everyday drama of our lives. The tale of James Cole will bring to mind a lot of unresolved — and probably unsolvable — problems of humanity that can potentially turn our world into ruins.

What Dreams May Come

This film is not trying to explain the laws of life and death or the miracle of love, and yet you’ll certainly learn a few crucial lessons. ’What Dreams May Come’ will leave you with a peculiar aftertaste, making you rethink everything you knew about death and, oddly enough, life. Ever wondered what your personal heaven will look like?

Interstate 60

’Every event is inevitable — if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t happen.’ This film has catchy visuals, charming characters, quality wits and unearthly love. And, most importantly, a deeper meaning. Most of us at some point wish to meet a supernatural person who will make all our heart’s desires come true. And, while we’re at it, a magic ball with all the answers. But is it what we really need? If you think about it, everyone can be their own wizard, making dreams come true on Interstate 60.

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