15 Actors Who Turned Down Big Movie Roles

There are many stories we hear about actors turning down roles normally amount to scheduling conflicts or arguments relating money, however, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes actors have very interesting reasons for not getting some of the major movie roles.

Charlize Theron was offended by a proposed role in Wonder Woman. When she heard there was interest in her to be in the film, Theron says she assumed iWill Smith didn't think Django Unchained should be a story about vengeance. 08000 Smith says that even though he badly wanted to play Django, he decidTim Roth thought Harry Potter would cast a shadow on his other work. Roth says he passed on the role of Professor Snape because he was afraid it wouldJessica Simpson turned down The Notebook because it had a sex scene. According to simpson, she turned down playing Allison because the role would've rJessica Chastain is only interested in being a superhero in the MCU. According to Doctor Strange screenwriter C. Robert Cargill, chastain turned downJason Momoa didn't want to be shirtless in Guardians of the Galaxy. Momoa says he turned down playing Drax because he was tired of being typecast as alan McKellen refused to replace Richard Harris as Dumbledore. McKellen say he declined to take over as the headmaster of Hogwarts after Harris passedHugh Jackman thought James Bond was silly. After the first X-Men movie, James Bond producers were looking at Jackman as a replacement for Pierce BrosnHugh Grant turned down Two and a Half Men because there was no script. Grant says he had to refuse an offer to replace Charlie Sheen on the show becauLike everyone else, Harry Styles really didn't see the pandemic coming. an'a In 2019, Styles revealed he turned down the role of Prince Eric in DisneyEmilia Clarke was too tired of nudity to do Fifty Shades of Grey. RIG B Clarke says that even though she loved Sam -Johnson as a director, she turnedPlaying Rose in Titanic was too much of a deja VU for Claire Danes. Danes says she didn't have it in her to go to Mexico to shoot a romantic epic alonThree years in New Zealand was too much for Christopher Plummer. Plummer says he turned down the role of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy becaAmanda Seyfried thought Guardians of the Galaxy would bomb. A G Seyfried passed on the role of Gamora because she didn't want to be attached to the fi

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