15 Best Things Happened at Comic-Con 2018

San Diego’s comic con has come to an end. However, the magic that is created in the atmosphere is never going to vanish. Like the previous ones, this year’s comic con too successfully amazed and thrilled us in every possible way and has made the place in our hearts. In this write-up, you will experience the 15 best thrilling moments of San Diego’s 2018 comic con.


All the Cosplay spotted at Comic-con San Diego

Who can bring their A-game to the festival better than the fabulous cosplayers? On the first day of the celebration, the cosplayers that were spotted were Ms. Marvel, villains of My Hero Academia and Iron Spider-dog. On the second day, things got better and Black Panther, Disco Darth Vader and Star Trek: Discovery raised the bar of celebration. On the last day of celebration, incredible cosplayers did not fail to amuse as everyone caught a glimpse of X-Men Sentinels, Pickle Rick, and multiple Landos.

Scariest look got spotted

Comic-Con was full of surprises. Thanks to Cinema Makeup School who returned this year and mesmerized everyone with their fine artwork and innovative creativity. Their innovative approach could easily be spotted in some of the latest looks of cosplayers. This was their 6th year in comic con. Characters like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Imperfect Cell from the series Dragon Ball Z are epic. However, the scariest award does go to Batman Joker.

Sony announced the entry of new spider heroes

The enchanting Spider-Man toy did make an entry into the comic con. There was scintillating news that fascinated everyone that more spider heroes would be soon joining Peter, Gwen, and Miles. The action figures clippings from the film made the day and thanks to Hasbro for that. Toy panel of Hasbro gave a vague idea of the spider-friends who looked amazing in their spectacular animated form.

Hasbro was rocking with the creativity

Hasbro displayed the latest toys collection from the galaxy as well as Marvel. The show-stealers were Black Panther and of course Star Wars Rebels. The second batch launched to be soon will be comprised of the film characters such as Dora Milaje’s Ayo, King T’ Chaka in black panther suit, T’ Challa’s two versions. There will be Erik Killmonger in mercenary gear. Tech genius and very popular Shuri will be joining these figures.

Doctor Who Trailer And New Sonic Screwdriver For Season 11 Unveiled At Comic-Con

Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver

A brand new sonic screwdriver in the form of the toy did not fail to surprise and attract everyone in comic con. Doctor Who is making a return at the end of this year. However, the toy is available for purchase in August. The best part is that the toy lights up and resembles the original one on the show. It makes buzzy noises and rotates. It is perfectly designed and its features like curving and twisting amazed everyone.

Aquaman statues by DC Collectibles

Brand new Aquaman statues by DC Collectibles

Aquaman featuring Jason Momoa will have an evolved look. He will go from shirtless into a suit. The look is said to be inspired by Arthur Curry’s comic looks. DC gave us a chance to get a clearer look to get a better understanding of the character. A new line of statues was displayed. Every statue is 12 inches tall and brightly colored. Later this year in November, Aquaman movie statues will get launched and the Aquaman will be seen in his complete suit.

Wild comic con with wild toys

Mattel has connected Nintendo for hot wheels Mario Kart. The most amazing characters are miniaturized so that they remain compatible with race tracks. Who can forget Mondo Batman and this time it has come with fine detailing. It is accessorized with a small ballerina, heads can be swapped, and there is a freeze ray. The paint job is cell-inspired. Classic G1 Transformers toys will be backing again during later part of this year. It is definitely good news to the grown-up kids who are from the 80s’.


Marvel Studio offered relief to traumatized fans

All the fans that were struck by trauma following the tragic ending of Avengers: Infinity War, as well as those fans who suffered the loss of their superheroes, were consoled and emotional support was lent to them by Marvel Studio. Funny isn’t it? Fans lined up booth located next to Petco Park. They were given a donut and a t-shirt on their way out. They got to watch Infinity War Blu-ray’s deleted scene. In the room, they also got emotional support as there was an actor who interacted with them.

Taco Bell

Nacho fries and seashell butts offered by Taco Bell

Fans of Demolition Man lined up to participate in the fine dining experience of Taco Bell. It had an appealing look the same as that of the fast-food joint picturized in the original film. On the 25th anniversary of the film, Taco Bell offered its loyal fans nacho fries and some very happy feelings. Entire weekend it was kept open from 6:00 p.m. until the midnight hours.

Comic-Con witnessed the visit of the entire cast of Supergirl

The entire cast of Supergirl visited comic-con San Diego and gave a small glimpse to their loyal fans regarding the alien invasion event that’s going to shake the eternal core of the National City. Following the reel, new cast member Nicole Maines made an entry on the stage and announced that she will be joining the fourth season of Supergirl as Nia Nal. She will be the first transgender superhero in history. The character is indeed played by the actress who is transgender.

Doctor Who Comic-Con

A glimpse of scintillating and fashionable Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whitaker the doctor herself attended the comic con giving her fans a scintillating first look of their favorite series Doctor Who’s a new season. She delightfully did her job and her fashion statement amazed everyone. She charmed everyone by her killing looks and hooded attire and successfully dropped the trailers as well as waving screwdrivers. She was cosplaying herself in the comic con. Amazing isn’t it?

Heartfelt comic con for Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln who is the lead actor of the show The Walking Dead confirmed in the comic con that it will be his last season. His heartfelt words left everyone devastated as everyone could visualize the end of an era. The executive producer of the show confirmed that the new season will be a new beginning. The first eight seasons that were presented were one chapter. Thereby the upcoming season will be a lot different in many ways.

Steven Universe

The movie Steven Universe is about to arrive

Rebecca Sugar who is the creator of Steven Universe along with the rest of the crew came to comic con. They came with all the upcoming episodes and news about the show. Steven Universe show has been popular for a long time. Now what is more amazing is that in this year’s comic con they declared that the movie by the same name is on its way. Cartoon Network has released the teaser which gives a glimpse of the movie.


Deadpool 2 killed Hitler in clippings

After acclaimed success of Deadpool 2 actors Ryan Reynolds, Brianna Hildebrand, and Zazie Beetz came to this year’s comic con with other members of cast and crew and interacted with fans. They answered their questions, did a victory lap and gave lots of insights. They showed some interesting clippings which made many to rise on their feet. There was applause both for the actor as well as for the entire panel. There were many tidbits during the interactive session.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer got released

Long awaited trailer of Godzilla got launched in comic con event. It definitely looked awesome. The glimpses haunted everyone. The trailer echoed the epic scenes of the movie. There was lots of mishmash of monsters. Everyone caught the first glimpses of Kaiju. Everything looked amazing and everyone looked gorgeous. The film is said to hit the theaters around May 2019.


Final Words

Though the San Diego’s comic con has ended this year, it has given us some everlasting memories which will neither faint nor vanish from our minds. Insanity just flew by but has left behind some memorable footage in our hearts and minds of our favorite characters and favorite stars which definitely we will cherish throughout our lives.


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