15 Coloring Book Artists Who Are Hilariously Offensive

A skilled artist knows his direction of working. He tries to express and further demonstrates his feelings through his artistic pictures or any such activity but some artists work theme based and few are the ones who express themselves through their work. Well, among those works there is a collection of ultimate illustrations with a hilarious and offensive touch and some of the below examples crosses the line and enters into the other side of humor, which is the dark side.


15. A great message to addicts’


The lady in the person seems to be addicted to smoking, alcohol and drugs and this is no different as everyone especially youth is getting attracted towards these harmful things.

14. Minion commiting suicide


People who commit suicide don’t even think about those to whom they will leave behind. And so committing suicide is a big crime.

13. Dragon dinner


The scraped knee and duct tape on the kids are adding realness to the image.


12. Oh my godness!!


I don’t understand if this is NSFW but either way the coloring done to this obsessed girl is so damn superb.

11. The dark edge of Princess Elsa


So brightly and exactly colored private sides of the princess.


10. Eric’s little known power


Well, at least his bump would get Ariel’s observation.


9. Hawkeye’s mustache


Hawk-eye is the fictional character of American comic books. Here he and other members have been colored so lovingly.

8. The SpongeBob


Wondering ,whether the Sponge-Bob is telling the worst moment in all of smoking.

7.Oh, Red everywhere


Though red is a symbol of danger but it evens tells wildness. And the artist colors everything red. Scary!!


6. Wait, What’s that on her head?


I guess danger. Well she is just trying to play or pay actually.


5. Ariel and Eric’s love


Ariel in the picture is shown to rescue Eric and save his life.

4. Batman corruption is back


Can someone tell me what Batman is trying to do with the rollerblading and what about rails?


3. Tree changes into mushroom cloud


The war is still the same. Only I can take it as one of the best works done by artist.


2. Great achievement


Olaf that gets transformed into Borat. It resembles more like a snowball instead.

1. Teddy, your turn !


The teddy looks colourful and check out the snitch with the stitches.

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