15 Disturbing Decisions Video Games Have Forced Us To Make

Harvesting or Sparing the Little Sisters in Bioshock

Decent and ethical choices in video games are all the rage these days. There used to be a time when nobody care for the death of a turtle beneath Mario’s boots, or the potential to cause a blood-soaked 5-lane pileup by making a large frog jump into traffic. That’s because those horrors were just a bunch of pixels, a fiction and not a reality. They still are, and, given, some games still let you do worse things with no consequences, but with the photorealistic models, deep characterization, and real-world conditions into video game narratives, guilt has been born of the prospect of killing NPCs with an AR rifle.


Asking Clem to Kill You In The Walking Dead: Season 1

Curing The Genophage (Or Not) In Mass Effect 3

Sacrificing Chloe to Save the Town in Life is Strange

Joining Or Betraying (And Potentially Killing) Your Long-Lost Son In Fallout 4

Harvesting or Sparing the Little Sisters in Bioshock

The Genocide Of The Rachni Race In Mass Effect

Choosing Whether To Live Or Die At The End Of Beyond: Two Souls

Shooting One Of Two Defenseless Captives In Cold Blood In Spec Ops: The Line

Getting Rid Of Lady Boyle In Dishonored

Saving Trish or the Doctors at the End of InFamous

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