$15 million on $40 wordpress site

South African government spent $15 million on $40 wordpress site

South Africa Spent $15 million on $40 wordpress site, We are in the wrong country and in the wrong profession.

If you are dictator or some govt. official in any African nation looking for a site cheaper than that like ahhh for $10 Million contact us will throw in free hosting aswell , Or if you want something higher just to show they are not the only ones with money we can give you a competitive edge aswell  🙂

The Free State provincial government spent $15 Million on its website, which is a WordPress site with a template bought from Themeforest for $40. Londonlive Theme vs. Free State Website

Free State director general Elzabe Rockman signed a three-year contract to redesign the website in 2011, but as experience WordPress designers we would estimate this website to take a maximum of 5 days. The site has no custom features and the template features have only been used.

She had reportedly disputed the amount, claiming it was actually R40m which is also an outrageous amount for a website like this.

The agreement was signed with business person Tumi Ntsele (must have connections within the department), who reportedly holds tenders with several other provincial departments – surprise, surprise.

The company was awarded the tender even though two other companies submitted much lower bids. Read More

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