15 Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions Which Will Challenge Your Mind

Here are some of the best optical illusions you’ve ever seen. Get ready to have your brain turned upside down!

Fraser’s spiral

The Ebbinghaus illusion

Impossible Cube illusion

Zöllner illusion

Jastrow illusion

Kanizsa’s Triangle

Poggendorff Illusion


Blivet, also known as impossible trident, is a classic example of geometrical-optical illusions. No matter how hard you try, you have no chance to understand this figure — it simply doesn’t exist.

White’s illusion

Motion illusion

Hermann grid illusion

An elderly couple, or songs to a guitar accompaniment

Just look at this loving elderly couple. And now take a closer look. What do you see this time?

Illusory rotating effect

The illusion of “The Wall Cafe”

Rotating wheels illusion

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