15 Obscene Jokes In Children’s Cartoons You Can’t Believe

When you are growing up you never noticed or understand these twin meaning context of things or the scenes they show you in cartoons. but now if you look at them you won’t allow your kids to see something like this on national television or maybe we are become so adult that we are assuming these twin meanings and actually there is nothing wrong with it but I stick with the decision that these animations are downright inappropriate to show it to kids. Look at the #2 and tell me it is all good! Kids these days pick things up rather quickly and cleverly then the previous non iPad generation.

1. Grown up you actually understand what’s going on here…

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2. This…weird..contraption.

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3. This inappropriate usage of balloons… but it is all good!

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4. These “balloons” that Spongebob blew up:

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5. This realization…

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6. Noticing that Dot twerked long before Miley did…

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7. When you realize pee is supposed to be yellow…

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8. When you realize the Magic School Bus discovered glucose, but it could be taken differently…

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9. When “eating out” has two meanings…

Obscene Jokes In Children's Cartoons
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10. When you finally figure out what “meat” ACTUALLY means in this context…

Obscene Jokes In Children's Cartoons
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11. …Yeah…

Obscene Jokes In Children's Cartoons
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12. Taken out of context, this scene in Arthur ends up being horrendous.

Obscene Jokes In Children's Cartoons
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13. Playduck. How appropriate

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14. When you realize he’s looking for love in very strange places…

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15. When you realize he said class…but the other guy heard…

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