15 Rare Historical Photos Which You Haven’t Seen Before

Check out these 15 rare photos from the past. Pictures speak louder than words but these pictures talk volumes.

1. Einstein at Nassau Point, Long Island, New York in the summer of 1939.

2. The unbroken seal On Tutankhamen’s Tomb, 1922 (3,245 years untouched).

3. A utility worker giving mouth-to-mouth to a co-worker after he contacted a high voltage wire in 1967.

4. He stood alone, refusing to join the Nazi salute in 1936.

5. Sweden switched to driving on the right side of the road in 1967. This was the result on the first morning.

6. This Austrian boy got a new pair of shoes in World War II.

7. A random but poignant soldier in Vietnam, 1965.

8. 106-year-old Armenian woman guards her home in 1990.

Rare Historical Photos

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