15 Real Life Things With Oversized Influence

There are many things we look at or hear about and never think about it in great detail. It turns out if we did, though, we learn about the actual people, organizations, and even creatures that change the world in an enormous and mind-blowing way.

Check out such 15 things below:

CRACKED COM A single Japanese company called Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha (shortened to YKK) makes 90% of the zippers on Earth. Few manufacturers wilFeral or undomesticated cats are considered one of the most potent predators in America. Globally they have been blamed for the worldwide extinction oCRAGKED The ESRB : A board of six individuals who decide whether a video game will appear on the shelves of major retailers ...by applying their persoThese 3 people are the Texas Railroad Commission. CONIISSION Don't let the name fool you - they OF regulate the oil & gas industries and coal & uranjuIn 2002 the World Health Organization released a report that added sugar (sugar not naturally occuring in food) should be capped at 10% of a person'I DSMs DSM-5 DACACONC AN0 STAatc o oncn DSM-S Dechiens for DSM-S Samar of The twenty voting members me by the Boardof Trastees iaclude. Key decisees tTHINK MORMONS ARE JUST MISSIONARIES AND MAGIC UNDERWEAR? THEY'RE ACTUALLY A CORPORATION WORTH AN ESTIMATED $40 BILLION DOLLARS AS OF 2012. ALSOIN 2012Ever wonder why sunglasses, which seem SO cheap to make, are SO expensive? Luxottica. That's why. Luxottica is an Italian company which has a near monBowling Green, OH County seat of Wood County, Ohio, With a county population under 130.000 T HOT DONS HAM URGS DOGS TEAK OAYO 11 SIEEL Ohio is famouslCRACKEDCON Like roaming around the white beaches in the Caribbean? You may have second thoughts when you learn that the fine white sand is mostly parrCRACKEDCON These dead trees are the handiwork of the Mountain Pine Beetle. 5 mm (actual size!) Affecting millions of forest acres in the US and CanadaOne of the most powerful lobbyist groups in Washington DC is: AARP A D Vultures are one of the most important disposal units on the planet, consuming as much as 70% of all meat in sorne regions of Africa, and thus preventFUNG I What does It do for 4S? Break down dead wood Make medicines for our Ilnesses Aid in making bread, wine, cheeses, and beer Often edib/e to us OhCRACKEDC COM The most powerful hydroelectric project in history, China's Three-Gorges Dam, has slowed Earth's rotation down by 0.06 microseconds.

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