$15,700 Arachnophobia Spider Clock Unveiled

Arachnophobia Spider Clock Unveiled

A spider clock has been aptly named Arachnophobia and makes reference to the Maman, the spider sculpture created by the iconic artist Louise Bourgeois has been unveiled.

The design behind the very unique clock and mechanism is very interesting all the same.

The spider clock measures 40.5 cm tall and 20.3 cm across when its legs are extended and the gold plated version weighs in at nearly 2kg. The legs of the spider are constructed from injection moulded aluminium and are fitted with ball and socket joints to allow owners to create the perfect spider pose. Gizmag explains more :

To create the movement Geneva-based horologist Maximilian Büsser, founder of MB&F, worked with Swiss manufacturer L’Epée 1839 to adapt one of the manufacturer’s clock movements to be shaped like a spider’s torso and head. White numerals showing hours and minutes are inscribed on the spider body’s black dome. At one end of the time-displaying torso, the head houses the regulator with its balance wheel while the other end holds the power-generating mainspring. The head also bears the index mechanism.

The Arachnophonia spider clock is available now from specialist retailers with the black version priced at CHF 15,300 or $15,700. While the gold-plated version is priced at CHF 17,500 or $18,000.

Arachnophobia Spider Clock Unveiled Spider-Clock1

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