16 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old CDs

With all the downloading and streaming movies, now we do not have to stack on up on CDs and DVDs, We all still have tons of them lying around the house and cluttering spaces. Here are 16 ways to use them and create something beautiful out of those shiny round thingys.

#1. Coffee table

If you are bored with your plain table, use broken cds to give it a new life.

#2. Embellished guitar

This is such a gorgeous guitar after it’s been embellished, you will not want to use it to play music.

16 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old CDs

#3. Closet divider

This is going to be such a helpful organizer that you will want to make it for your friends and family. Use scrapbook paper and Mod Podge glue.

#4. Coasters

Make your coasters are colorful as possible. Sand the gloss off the cd. Hot glue felt circles to the bottom of the CD. On the other side use Mod Podge as base and apply the fabric, straighten any wrinkles out. Apply Mod Podge on top and let it dry.

16 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old CDs

#5. Mandala art

No need to break any of your cds. You will be scrapping everything off. After that you can use acrylic paint and your imagination to fill the empty canvas.

#6. Media roofing

Use the throw-away cds to cover roofing for dog houses and sheds. Surprisingly, this material is quite durable.

#7. Flashy clutch

Take your favorite clutch from last summer and give it a re-do. Break the cds in to small and large pieces. Use crazy glue and let it dry. Enjoy your new purse.

#8. Bird bath

Cut your CDs in to ‘pie’ style pieces and start gluing from the edge, inwards. Use grout for the spaces.

#9. Mosaic door

Make your door, the envy of your neighbors.

16 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old CDs

#10. Sparkly shoes

Take plain canvas shoes and make them flashy.

#11. Planter

What a great contrast of nature and technology in a terra cotta pot.

#12. Sun catchers

Use your old CD and wrap it in a colorful crochet with hanging beads.

16 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old CDs

#13. Disco ball

A large styrofoam ball, hot glue and broken CDs takes you back to the disco era.

#14. Shiny box

To embellish a simple jewelry box make sure you are laying out the pieces before you glue them on. Then apply glue on top of the CDs to avoid chipping.

#15. Garden stakes

Take any plain stake and use glue, CDs and grout to make it look like an expensive garden decoration piece.

#16. Corset

It may not be the most comfortable corset, but it will be the most talked about.

16 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old CDs

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