16 Times Entertainment Was Really Different

Entertainment is evolved over the years. Over 25 years ago, Bart Simpson’s butt shocked the world, but these days we’d surprised if we didn’t see some backsides in a cartoon.

ORIGINAL FILMS HAVE BEEN ON A STEADY DECLINE FROM AS EARLY AS 1984. BLOWS IRATED MEIMES T'S about. FE LOVE. T 1 3 e RTBAEAR KID MECI 1984 1994 2004 20CRACKED 25 (s) 10 Length 4 Shot O0D 2 Average 1 We are probably getting more impatient with our movies, because films today spend less time on a shot CRACKED.COM In 2015 the sizze of screens in theaters increased by 8%o Indie films have a wider audience now. SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL Thanks to digital distributors like Netflix, the number of Sundance films that received CRACK The number of digital 3D cinema screens worldwide has gone up from 536 in 2008 to 74.562 in 2015. That is a whopping 2, .840% increase! The processing power of computers doubles every few years. So does the computing time required to render computer-animated: films. CPU hours required SACON Television prices have dropped dramatically. This 1957 RCA color TV with 21 a screen was originally S495. Adjusted for inflation that is $4,251NUMBER OF DCIMARVEL TV SHOWS IN 2001: 1 DESTINED. SMALLVILLE FRIDAYS 8/7 CW NUMBER OF CURRENTLY ONGOING DCIMARVEL TV SHOWS: IH1 E 88  I FIR 12 LICIFERThere is no such thing as the mainstream anymore. Over 66% of all U.S. households watched the most popular TV shows in the 1950s. In 2016, the most Product placements in movies is at an all-time high. Between 1950-1979, there was an average of 11 product placements per film. That number jumped up What do the films Furious7, Terminator Genisys 'Gods of Egypt and Warcraft have in common? All these films made over 75% of their money overseas.COMMERCALS NOW MAKE UP A QUARTER OF TV PROGRAMMING. G ADS MOVIES NE TV REALITY SHOWS GAME WAL SHOW In just five years (2009 - 2013) the amount of timeBetween 1980 and 2015, movie ticket prices 8%, grew by only less than a dollar. Year Average ticket price In 2016 dollars 1980 $2.69 $7.88 2000 $5.39 CRACKEDCO -7 -77-7 THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL STAR WARS TRILOGY HAD A PRODUCTION BUDGET OF $180 MILLION (ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION). THE FORCE AWAKENS ALONE HADStreaming services are now more popular than programmed TV. vThu LoRAx howl mother ROCK HICK PAGEYPRATS AB In a survey of 2,076 Americans, only 45% prIn 2005 there were 11 instances of a bleeped or muted F*ww in prime-time T.V shows. !@$o* In 2010 there were 276. I Swearing in T.V is rising fast as

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