18 Absurd Movie Slip-Ups Filmmakers Neglected

In the pursuit of beautiful scenes, filmmakers often make mistakes. Are these accidental slip-ups, a shortage of resources, or just pure stupidity?



All the dresses were made to fit the actress and maintain her beauty, so they don’t constantly match the era. Here Cleopatra walks in modern high-heeled shoes.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Little Jack holds a star in his hand, moving out to stick it to the map, but on the second picture, we see that he stuck down a circle.

Miss Peregrine’s children are really peculiar and they have more powers then shown in the movie: in a few seconds, little Claire makes the food she has just eaten reappear.

Now You See Me 2


Hurriedly escaping from the FBI, Jack finds time to change from a security uniform into his own clothes.

Kingsman: The Secret Service


If you desperately need a phone, you can get a cell phone from anywhere. This is what Eggsy did when he pulled the phone out of the fifth dimension because there was nothing behind the recording device.


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