18 Historical Statistics That Will Blow You Away

Hollywood lied to us. And so did the history books. But if you look at the original data, you’ll get to know that the world was (and is) very different from what you’ve been thinking about it.

AROUND 400.000 MUSLIMS FOUGHT FOR BRITAIN IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR. The Muslim role in the War to End All Wars is rarely discussed, but many fought anOver 1,400 African Americans held political positions right after the Civil War. These included secretaries of state, mayors, congressmen, and (brieflCRACKEDCO COM Between 1882-1968, there were only 5 states in the U.S. in which no lynchings took place. (Alaska, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, MassachuA plague that killed 25% of the population probably dealt the killing blow to the Roman Empire. The plague appeared in 542 A.D., and whittled down theDuring the Civil War, generals were 50% more likely to die in battle than privates. Unlike modern warfare, generals back then had to lead by example- Many Columbian peoples lived in huge cities rivaling their counterparts in Europe, ranging from Cahokia, in Illinois., with a population of about 20.01.2 MILLION AMERICANS HAVE DIED IN WARS. Nearly half were from the Civil War J.S.AIR FORCE The U.S dropped around 8 million tons of bombs during the Vietnam War (three million tons on Laos alone). As a comparison, the U.S droppChina had the second largest death toll of World War IL. China's involvement in the war is rarely talked about in the media, but they played a very imCRAGK NEARLY 5 MILLION AFRICAN SLAVES WERE BROUGHT TO BRAZIL DURING THE ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE, MORE THAN 10 TIMES THAT OF THE UNITED STATES. During the Great Depression, only 2 people on Wall Street actually committed suicide by jumping out of a building. CRACKEDCON Spartan women owned about 40% Of the lands in Sparta. This is due to their inheritance system which allowed the father to divide his property among hiMahatma Gandhi's famous passive resistance campaigns had massive support from Chinese people. 1 in 9 protestors in the first non-violent movement, sta18 Perspective-Shifting Historical StatisticsSlavery wasn't limited to the South Slavery took place in all 13 British Colonies. In New York, until 1827, 50% of the workers who built and maintaineWITH ONE POSSIBLE EXCEPTION, THE DONNER PARTY a.k.a. THE DONNER-REED PARTY DID NOT KILL AND CANNIBALIZE ONE ANOTHER WHILE STRANDED IN THE SIERRA NEVADTRANSGENDER AMERICANS HAVE ALWAYS SERVED IN THE u.S. MILITARY. Some 150,000 transgender adults have served in the armed forces. About 8, 800 are curreFor most of American history, the majority of the country's immigrants have been German. Between 1870 and 2000, 7 million of the immigrants to the Uni

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