19 Best Female Video Game Characters

Male characters dominate the gaming industry with their badass weapons and killer moves but there is no shortage of some female badass characters as well. Regardless if you are playing on next gen consoles or on the PC. Why it’s tougher to come up with a list of badass female video game characters? Reason is simple: women, who are typically not thought of as gamers, are not the target audience for video game developers even though they make up 48% of the 190 million gamers in the U.S. alone, Only 16% of playable video game characters are female.

Check out this brilliant infographic made by Fatwallet, giving us the crème de la crème of badass female characters from the gaming world.


Each character’s canonical storyline was examined for events that match this definition, and each event was given one point to add up a total “Badass Score” for each character.

This system assumes each character has agency in her universe and relies on events that the character actively participates in and reacts to. Examples of events that matched our criteria are Leliana’s choice to either kill or spare Marjolaine, Clementine killing Winston to escape the bandits and Lara fending off wolves to retrieve Roth’s supplies.

Best Female Video Game Characters

Source: Fatwallet


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