19 Superpowers That Are Useless If You Apply Real World Physics


Check out these awesome and very real life answers to all your superpower related questions. Here goes all your fairytale dreams out of the window, Source: Reddit.

1. Invisibility.

Your eyes cannot function unless light is reflected off your cornea. In other words, if you’re invisible then you’re also blind.
– iVikingr

2. Super speed.

The lightspeed limit, air resistance and friction all kind of spoil it.
– anonymous


I’ve always thought Batman’s true superpower is the ability to do more than humanly possible in a day. Like, the guy has time to run a billion dollar company, socialize, chase gorgeous women, engineer and build a ton of secret gadgetry, train extensively in various martial arts, analyze crime scenes, hunt supervillains, and still stay out all night watching for petty crooks to beat up? No fucking way one guy is doing all of that in 24 hours, not even if he never, ever slept.

– TimHortonReborn


Well if Cyclops really does shoot “beams of pure force” out of his eyes with as much power as seen in movies/comics/cartoons, Newton’s third law says he would also break his own neck.
– Claycrusher


Being able to walk through walls. I mean gravity would make you go through floors too.


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