1982 Was One Of The Best Movie Year!

1982 Was One Of The Best Movie Year!

1982 is one of the best movie years ever. What do we base this argument on? ok, let’s have a look 1982 gave us the best “Star Trek” movie by far in “Wrath of Khan,” the best of the “Rocky” sequels in “Rocky III”, a design of the future in “Blade Runner” that nearly every sci-fi movie made since has been trying to copy and the movie (and scene) that made Eddie Murphy into a superstar in “48 Hrs.” “Sophie’s Choice,” it has Meryl Streep’s best dramatic performance. With “The Verdict,” it has Paul Newman’s. Streep won the Oscar, but Newman didn’t, because he was stuck in the most stacked Best Actor field of all time, where it seems outrageous that he didn’t win, but also that Dustin Hoffman didn’t win for “Tootsie,” and that Peter O’Toole didn’t win for the comic performance of his career (and the funniest drunk in movie history) in “My Favorite Year,” or even that Lemmon couldn’t so much as sniff the win for “Missing.”

Look, if you are still not convinced here are some scenes from 1982 that will give you a sense of just how much the magic of the movies. You can still feel the simplicity in the movies today.

E.T. and Elliott making the hearts of children fly as high as their bicycle:

Try to keep a dry eye as Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk say goodbye:

How about Rutger Hauer showing you the soul of a replicant:

Conan telling us what is best in life:

Climax to “An Officer and a Gentleman”:

Murphy transformation into a star in “48 Hrs”:

Dustin Hoffman’s character going way off script during a live “Tootsie” broadcast:

Still not convinced? Watch these trailers from the blockbuster movies of the 80’s,

Poltergeist (1982)

TRON (1982)

First Blood (1982) This should win this argument hands down.


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