1984 Interview Of 12-Year-Old Ke Huy Quan Talking About INDIANA JONES

1984 Interview Of 12-Year-Old Ke Huy Quan

In this charming retro interview from 1984, we see 12-year-old child actor Ke Huy Quan discussing his experience auditioning for and landing the role of Short Round in the iconic film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Even after all these years, Ke’s attitude, charm, and demeanor remain unchanged, making for a delightful interview.

Ke shares an amusing anecdote about his audition, recalling how Steven Spielberg asked him and Harrison Ford to pretend to play cards, only to realize that Ford was cheating. Ke’s natural charisma and on-screen chemistry with Ford helped him secure the role, which catapulted him to stardom.

As an immigrant who had fled Vietnam with his family and spent time in refugee camps before settling in the United States, Ke’s success in Hollywood was especially meaningful. In the interview, he references his status as one of the “boat people” and how being cast in this movie was a dream come true.

Ke also expresses his gratitude for his success, saying, “I think I’m very lucky… and I’m number seven in my family – that’s a lucky number!” This sense of humility and appreciation for his good fortune is a testament to his character and likability.

Ke’s talent and charm didn’t go unnoticed, and he went on to star in other beloved films such as The Goonies, in which he played the lovable character Data. His impressive acting skills earned him critical acclaim and a well-deserved Oscar win later in life.

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