1991 Sizzler Commercial Reminds Us Of The Incredible 90s

Sizzler Commercial

A rich1991 commercial for Sizzler shows the restaurant chain in such a brilliant light that it’s unclear if the four-and-a-half-minute video is promoting steaks and burgers or freedom. The commercial opens with a stirring jingle highlighting a number of choice lines, and, after the jingle, a syrupy voice-over tells us a “quiet revolution” is underway. A revolution that guarantees quality and value in their “Buffet Court.” And then a lady licks her lips, I’m not sure if she is randy for food or America. Check out the nostalgic commercial below because sizzler is for the 90s.

All across America the song of freedom rings,
The song is growing stronger every day.
It tells us when we listen to the message that it sings,
Let us lift our voices,
We can make the choices,
We will make the most of all the best that freedom brings.
Sizzler is the one that brings us choices,
Reaching out across the USA.
Each and every day,
Get a little freedom in your life.

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