2 Bedroom, $1.5M Apartment In London Is An Architectural Disaster

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London is very expensive. From housing to food, It is expensive and nothing comes cheap in this metropolis. In addition to this, London is always packed with surprises—take this $1.5M apartment with its own private pool as an example. This apartment that got slammed on the internet for its “deeply chaotic energy.”

“One of a kind!” the listing for the deluxe apartment announces. “Luxury two double bedroom flat with a private swimming pool! The basement of the split level apartment comes with a luxury private swimming pool, sauna, shower, seating area with folding glass doors, kitchenette, and w/c,” the summary reads.

And a really bizarre layout, as well

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One seating room has a glass panel from which you can peek at the pool below

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A private swimming pool? A sauna? Folding glass doors? You may already want to call your bank for a loan but wait for a while because as we discussed before, things are not as they seem. Upon additional inspection of the photos of the listing, they expose the catch—the pool is sitting right there in the center of the apartment. What better way to start the day than to fill your lungs with a fresh breath of chlorine, right?

There are 3 fridges

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A sauna

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After climbing the spiral staircase you arrive at a good-sized open plan reception room with kitchen, two double bedrooms, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom with shower overhead, and small patio,” the listing reads. “The property is clean throughout and truly is one of a kind!” The uniqueness of the apartment truly shows, especially in this seating room from which you can peek at the pool below your feet.

Two single beds

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And a small patio

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Originally, the apartment was listed for a mere £1,000,000, but once the photos started circulating on social media, the price was bumped up to £1.2M (approximately $1.5M). Talk about business savvy! But somehow, people on the internet aren’t that enthusiastic about the apartment. In fact, when one person shared the listing on Twitter, they wrote that they need “to know the lunatic who built this and the story behind it.”

Originally, the suite was listed for £1M

Image credits: Zoopla

But after the photos made rounds on social media, the price was bumped to £1.2M (around $1.5M)

Image credits: Zoopla

All jokes aside, people on Twitter had some serious questions about the 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-reception rooms suite. “Why does the basement itself have THREE levels?” one person wonders. “Single beds? three fridges? doesn’t look lived-in at all? what’s going on here?” another one inquires. But it seems that at this point, there are more questions than answers.


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