2 Ways to Preserve Your Favorite Movie Posters


These days, celebrity and movie posters among fan dealers are highly collectible items. If they are properly taken care of and protected, they will be even more valuable. A poster can be preserved in several different ways, depending on whether it will be put on display or stored.

movie posters

Preserve Through Storage

There are two different options that are available when a poster is being stored. They can be stored either rolled up or flat. The benefit of rolling them up is that it takes up less space and makes it easier to transport them. In order to safely store a poster, acid-free sleeves need to be used.

When a poster or any kind of paper document is being stored, it is important to always use an acid-free container. If it isn’t used, the paper will end up getting damaged. Tubes and sleeves also protect against bugs, moisture, and dust.

Preserve Through Framing

To display posters, the best option to use is framing. People often use sticky tack or tape to mount a poster onto a wall. However, they can damage both the wall and poster which will result in the poster losing its collective value.

When framing is used it allows you to protect and enjoy your poster simultaneously. When doing this, make sure that the Plexi or glass is UV-resistant to protect it against the light. The materials also need to be acid-free.

If you are planning to keep a poster in a frame for a long time, then spacers should be used between the poster and glass. When frame for a long time, moisture will often get caught under the glass which can damage the poster.

movie poster in frame

What is A Poster Frame?

A simple frame can be used for protecting special posters. A finished, polished touch is also added to this specific kind of wall art. Poster frames look like simple picture frames. Quite often this kind of frame uses the same kinds of materials that are used for making regular picture frames.

Along with inordinate, simple poster frames, there are also ornate and decorative ones that are available as well.

Normally a basic frame is made of components that fit together easily to help protect your special poster. There are several pieces that the frame is comprised of including the following:

– A hook that attaches to the cardboard back so ha it can be hung on the wall like you would regular pictures.

– A transparent plastic sheet

– A clear plastic cover you can use in the same way that glass would be used in regular picture frames, to protect the poster.

– Four side pieces. These snap into place after the poster is positioned how you want it.

– A cardboard backing

More ornate, decorative frames are made in a similar way that the simple ones are. However, they get made on a much larger scale. Some do not need to be snapped together. The frame proper instead can be attached with a slot on the top or bottom of the frame so the poster can simply be slid into the frame. More ornate, bigger poster frames also use regular glass or Plexiglas instead of clear plastic covers. Most of the bigger frames also are made out of metal or wood while many simple poster frames are constructed out of plastic.

Using either of these types of poster frames can be used to provide you with an excellent way to preserve your special posters instead of the methods that use either tape or tacks to secure posters to a wall.

Poster frames can be used to make a wall display made up of some of your favorite posters. You can also create a poster theme like using your favorite movie posters or movie posters to make your wall display. Also, when poster frames are used it is easier to display them in all rooms of your home if you want them in.

Basic poster frames can be purchased at many different craft and hobby stores along with various frame stores. Buying them at a craft or hobby store will usually be less expensive. You might even be able to find some of the more ornate frames at these places as well.

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