20 Alternate Comparisons of Christmas Gifts

An iPhone X vs an alpaca

Christmas Gifts

An iPhone X vs 2,393 KFC chicken wings

An Apple Watch vs 2 km of bubble wrap

A MacBook Air vs a pony

A Tesla S vs your own island

A 3D printer vs a big cotton candy machine

A hoverboard vs 300 kg macaroni

Google Glasses vs 880 movie tickets

A PlayStation VR vs a corgi puppy

A GoPro camera vs a popcorn machine

Louboutin shoes vs a 20-gram gold bar

A Gucci bag vs 15 days in Disneyland

A Samsung S8+ vs 9 months of cleaning

A Moleskine journal vs 100 Chupa Chups

A Segway vs 800 Kinder Surprises

A Daniel Wellington watch vs 203 tubes of toothpaste

A bottle of Chanel No. 5 vs an ostrich

A drone vs 111 pairs of socks

A night in a luxury room in a Hilton hotel vs 4 flights to Paris

A Хbox vs 96 Starbucks lattes

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