20 Amazing Dumpster Diving Finds

Dumpster Diving Finds

Dumpster Diving‘ is a subreddit dedicated to urban foraging — searching through the trash for usable items.

Members of this online community share their experiences and tips for finding valuables, talking about both their successes and failures, as well as discussing ethical and legal considerations surrounding the activity.

Overall, it’s a supportive and informative subreddit, full of support and encouragement for everyone who tries to live at least a bit more sustainably and reduce waste.

Found In The Dumpster Tied In A Trash Bag. What A Sweet Soul As Well. Poor ThingFound This Boy By A Recycling Dumpster TodayFound A Completely Unused Art SetThought This Was Worth SavingNot Dumpster Diving Per Se, But This Antique Hand Painted French Cabinet From The 1890's Was A Part Of The "Junk" I Was Hired To Remove From A House Yesterday!Ok This Is EpicScoreeee. First One Of The SeasonMy Curbside Cast Iron Haul!I Was Digging Through The Trash Of Someone Who Looked To Be Moving And I Found A Set Of Earrings Marked As 18k Gold And A Friend Who Is A Jeweler Tested The Stones And Said They're White SapphireFound A Perfectly Fine Bass Guitar In The Garbage. On My Birthday!!I’m Excited About This Find, I’m An Elementary Teacher And Next Year I’ll Have All My Kiddos Write Cards To Their Family/Staff! They Were Sealed In A Trash Bag Untouched On Top!I Have Never Felt So Happy From A Dumpster FindPretty Rad Find. My Grandparents Paid Something Like 75 Cents A Months Back In The Day For One Similar. Little Work, And She’ll ShineI Love These Little Free Pantries I've Been Seeing Pop Up Lately. They Give Me A Great Opportunity To Practice Mutual Aid With My Neighbors By Filling Them Up With A Bunch Of Perfectly Fine Non-Perishables I Score From Dumpsters!Back With More To Report. I Thought I’d Retired, But Last Night I Checked The Dumpster Again. Diapers, Storage, Heaters, Toys And Cases Of Cereal Later ($785) Sticker Price, I’m So Glad I Went. More Donation Trips To Make Next Week!Saw Someone On Here Say They Found A Bunch Of LED Lights Once. I Thought “Omg I Want To Find Some”… Well I Found 25 Boxes Last NightIn An Open Dumpster Behind My Target…Antique Apothecary Scales Thrown Out By NeighborsSaved Before It Hit The TrashWas Told You Guys Might Enjoy This. Found About 20 Tablets In The Trash Today. Mostly Old Galaxy Note 10.1 From 2014 But I’ll Take It With A Big SmileI’ve Died And Landed In Dumpster Nomad Heaven$700 Free Wine.... I Asked The Dumpster God If I Should Quit Drinking. This Is Her Answer.... I Guess That’s A No!Todays Finds. I Still Don’t Know How I Found All Of This In The Same DumpsterAnother $500+ Haul From My Favorite Dumpster. Haven't Purchased Groceries In Years!Weather Finally Cooling But Grocery Store Waste Not So Much! ...favorite Asparagus Recipes?

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