20 British Towns With Funny And Bizarre Names That Actually Exist

British Towns With Funny Names

There are two kinds of people: those who like to travel and those who don’t. And there’s also the conflict between them, with travelers trying to convert the non-travelers and non-travelers wanting to be left alone on the issue.

Well, beloved non-travelers, here’s yet one more reason for you to get out of your comfort zone and go out and see the world some more. Or should I say, to go see some funny city road signs because, believe me, these are treasure trove? Here’s a list of the most absurdly funny city and town signs.

Butt Hole RoadBitchfieldTitty-HoSluts Hole LaneShittertonThree Cocks LaneLittle SnoringTwattLadyhole LaneGreat SnoringPratts BottomUpper DickerCrackpotDumb Woman LanePenistoneCrapstoneCockshoot CloseBusty ViewUgleyFanny Hands LaneUpper ThongThe KnobBonks HillShittertonBackside Lane

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