20 Disgusting Dishes That Are Being Served All Over The World

Disgusting Dishes

One Instagram page has its finger on the pulse when it comes to the most awful dishes to ever be made. It’s not just the scary visuals—the ingredient combos are mind-meltingly bad, too. And we’ve compiled some of the very worst culprits to share with you. It’s one big warning of what not to cook. Ever! Oh, and don’t forget to share this clever project with all of your snacking coworkers, family members, and fellow students!

Peas And Mayonnaise PizzaBlörö - The Famous Finnish Breakfast Consisting Of Hot Coffee, Vodka, And A CigaretteFoodpossumWhat?I Made Roast Chicken With Lime StuffingUnder A Tight Deadline, I Had To Stop Everything To Post My Girlfriends DinnerHiDumplings From The Hell's GateI Ordered Pizza From A Local Wing Place. Never Order Pizza From A Place That Specializes In WingsUhm… Pizza…?Thanksgiving Breakfast Eggs Sausage Ham Cheese$59 Worth Of BBQMade A Cake For My Friend, It’s Pretty Obvious But Just To Make Sure It’s SonicSpam Shot GlassThe Picture Of The Flatbread Pizza On The Online Menu vs. What Was Delivered. Room Service In An Expensive Chicago HotelUuhhhmTold The Waiter To Surprise Me… Caesar Salad Topped Hot Dog With Cheetos On A TortillaMy Flight Got Delayed For Over 12 Hours, So The Airline Is Supposed To Provide Food For The Passengers…HmmDo I Have To Say Something?

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