20 Most Epic And Hilarious Toy Design Fails

From a doll head, used as ponytail to a freaky Elmo, it seems bizarre someone actually approved these ideas. We’re sure, however, that the workers who did had a ‘long talk’ with their bosses after the fact. Check out the worst design ideas for toys below and tell us which one you think is the most disturbing.

Chinese Toy

This Unfortunately Designed Kid's Balloon

When Designer Is Tired Of Drawing

Looks Like It Just Smoked Itself Into A New Era

My Little Sister's Toy Looks Like It Just Smoked Itself Into A New Era

My Four-Legged Duck

Yep, Austria got Kangaroos deserts and the lot!

Austria. Home Of Kangaroos And Deserts

Why ??Cinderella's Nose Job Didn't Go As Planned

These Figurines

Go Home, Belle, You're Drunk

It’ll Be Over Soon

Shhh... It'll Be Over Soon

This Fantastic Toy

Prevent Your Kid From Being Afraid Of The Dark


I Don't Remember That Part Of Sleeping Beauty

You Can Shave Your Baby

My Nephew Has A Toy Dinosaur Which We Call "Sneaky Dinosaur" Because He Looks Rather F****** Sneaky

Because why not

If Santa's Late, You'll Know Why


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