20 Facts That Sound Fake But Are Actually Real


In the world of fake and false news, it’s hard to tell a fact from fiction. You read “unicorns exist” and the mind detects deceit. But what if I tell you they’re just bulky and we call ‘em rhinos? That’s about right? Well here are some facts which are absolutely true.


Ancient sailors believed that cats were magic and would often risk their own lives, even in an “every man for himself” situation, to save a cat from a sinking ship. All ships had at least one ship’s cat as cats would eat the rats that have always plagued ships. The ship’s cat would often be given a rank and sailors would generally take excessively good care of their cats.


Cheetahs can’t roar. They meow like house cats.


The sun is so loud, if space was filled with air instead of being a vacuum, we’d be hearing screeching sun noises at 125 decibels at all times.


The founders of Adidas (Adi Dassler) and Puma (Rudolf Dassler) are brothers.

..and their HQs are literally next door to each other in Germany.


T-Rex (~64 million years ago) is nearer to now in years than it is to Stegosaurus (~151 million years ago)

Images depicting them fighting are very very wrong.


There isn’t a single bridge across the amazon river.


Because the number of possible combination of genes isn’t infinite, there are probably at least 7 humans that looks the same as you.


Distance from USA to Russia 2.4 Miles.

This fact is always amusing.


That most of the oxygen on earth doesn’t come from trees. It’s comes from plankton in the ocean


Pocahontas and Shakespeare lived during the same time


Astronomer here! The coldest place we know of in the universe is actually… on Earth!

To explain further, the coldest places we know of that naturally occur in the universe are inside dark nebulae with little to no star formation, and thus no starlight to heat things up. The coldest one known so far is the Boomerang Nebula, where the temperature has been measured as low as 1 degree above absolute zero (−272 °C or −458 °F). However, we regularly get below this temperature in labs on Earth! Specifically, absolute zero is at –273.15°C (or –459.67°F) and labs on Earth regularly get to within a tenth or even a hundredth of a degree of that.


Lyrebird’s imitations will seriously sound exactly like the thing they’re trying to imitate. If they imitate a chainsaw, you will think it’s a chainsaw. It sounds like a perfect recording.


One horse is actually 15 horsepower.


A lot of the earliest war gods were actually goddesses.


You can fit all the planets in our solar system touching end to end between Earth and the moon.


Jack the Ripper was still active when Nintendo was founded


It takes about 3-4 generation before your entire existence is completely forgotten (assuming you don’t invent the cure for cancer or discover the fifth dimension or anything like that)


President Coolidge got sent a raccoon for Thanksgiving one year, but instead of eating it, he granted it a pardon because it was “cute”


Netflix was founded before Google


Orcas are a natural predator to moose


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