20 Fake Instagrammers Called Out In This Online Community

Fake Instagrammers

If a picture on Instagram looks too good to be true, it most probably is. Even though the platform can be a pleasant and exciting place, packed with amazing and artistic images, but at times it’s misleading, too. Photography “tricks” and post-production mixed the difference between what is real and fake. And some people try to make use of it, turning their looks into what they think society wants.

A counter-movement is now turned into a force on Reddit. The community is called Instagram Reality, and it is committed to “exposing” these personas, trying to prevent the cover of unreachable goals and unrealistic expectations. Check out some of their posts below:

I Thinks She's So Beautiful Without The Photoshop. Body Dysmorphia Is Real

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Pores You Say?

I'm No Doctor But Her Head Is Small

A Beautiful 51 Year Old Woman Who Doesn’t Need The Facetune

Photoshopped A Lambo Logo On Her Honda, The Blue One In The Back Also Looks Fake

Photographer Trying To Claim That The Long Legs Are Only Due To “Angling”

When The Mirror Lets You Down

That Foot Said, “Mr. Stark? Don’t Feel So Good.”

What Is Happening?

What Is Going On Here Honestly

Original vs. What She Posted

It’s A Helluva Drug...When Her Legs Are Taller Than You

The Only Photos She Posts Anymore Are Pictures Of Models With Her Face Photoshopped In Instead

Instagram Post vs. Tagged Pic


Her Billboard vs. A Pic From An Interview

When You Get So Tan That Even Your Eyes Get Darker. (Summer 2018 On Left vs. Summer 2020)

Her Upper Body Looks Absolutely Disturbing In Her Edit

2 In 3 Use Photoshop



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