20 Hilarious Comments To Clothing Ad And Absurdly Tight Shirt

Shaun Rezaei

Father & Sons specialized in the tightest of tight clothes for men. In order to show off their products to their best ‘potential,’ they used the services of a quite extreme male model called Shaun Rezaei, who seems to be obsessed with bodybuilding and he got the lowest body fat levels humanly possible.

Needless to say, the thing has a faintly ridiculous air of male preening and vapid superficiality, which people were quick to pick up on. The hilarious comments do not disappoint!

Rezaei, From California, also calls himself “Mr. Fiveo” and has a company that “encourages and inspires people to live a healthier, happier, more energized life by minimizing unnecessary body fat and building solid muscle mass.”

“A healthier body and mind lead to more productive life experience and success at many levels,” he writes. “FIVEO means striving to achieve below 5% body fat. It is not a short term diet. It is a long term lifestyle change.”

Image credits: shaun_rez

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