20 Hilarious Out-Of-Touch Brides, Expectations And Requirements

Every bride wants the ideal wedding: from the guest list and the x-tiered cake to the beautiful venue and the enchanting atmosphere. However, real-life isn’t ideal and there are no perfect weddings. But if you demand perfection, then you’ve got to be the perfect bride to all of your guests and bridesmaids, too.

Sadly, the harsh truth is that not all brides are joyful and loving—some have got lots of entitlement to go around that’s making some guests wonder whether to skip the happy occasion altogether. We’re not talking about your regular “we prefer wine over flowers” deal. Oh no! It’s the kind of entitlement and lists of requirements that you’re likely to see on the ‘Choosing Beggars’ subreddit.

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Let Me Not Ask For Permission To Have My Wedding Here (God’s Plan)

Bride Cancels Her Wedding Because Her Guests Didn't "Donate" A $1,500 Each To Fund The Event

Bride Demands 30k

Bride Gets Rsvps From Wedding Guests And Only After The Fact Tells Everyone Who Said They Were Coming That They Need To Pay $75 Per Plate

Need You To Work For Free, Can’t Pay You Because I’ve Already Paid Others 10 Grand For My Wedding, Lmk

Wedding Shoot

Woman Tries To Get Me To Take A Day Off School To Take Photographs Of Her Wedding

Bride Tries To Force Friend To Do Photography For Her Wedding, Insists That He Pays Her For The Privilege

Woman Expects Me To Photograph Her Wedding For $150 But The Exposure Is Priceless

Kindly Refrain From Upstaging The Bride On Her Big Day — Oh, And No Admission Without A Gift Of $75 Or More

Bride Is Pissed Her Bridesmaid Has The Wrong Color Toenail Polish, Gets Super Defensive In The Comments

Beggar Bride Asks Stranger To Be Bridesmaid Because She Gives Expensive Gifts - From Wedding Shaming Fb Page

Give Me A Free Wedding Song

Bride Is Expecting Everyone To Spend $400 Or More On Her Wedding Gifts

Bride Wants My Photographer Friend To Learn Another Photographer's "Style" And Basically Give Her A Discount For A Wedding That's In A Couple Of Weeks

Bride Upset That Nobody Gave Her Cash At Her Engagement Party

Nobody Wants To Pay A Bare Minimum Of 250 Dollars In Gifts To Go To A Wedding

Anon Doesn’t Want To Drive A Free Bmw Or Tesla To His Wedding

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