20 MacGyver-Style Repairs That Actually Work


Life can throw problems at you at any minute and in all shapes and sizes. We can’t really help you with the big situations because we have our own and man, we really don’t have time to discuss all your DIY baggage. But we can help you out with some of those small problems. Right now. Yeah!

CRACKED Did you forget deodorant today? Hand sanitizer will bail you out. Rub it into Hand Sanitizer your armpits (if you shave your pits, it will burDURACELE Only have one battery when the power goes out? Grab some aluminum foil and roll yourself a replacementt that'll last for the power outage. No wallet? No worries 1 cut four 7 inch strips stick four more strips of duct tape & overlap them to the back of the first lot 3 cut two long and foldRepair scratches in wood furniture and floors by rubbing them with AWALNUT! Work the shelled nut into the scratch in circular and back and forth motioCRACKED.COM If your pipe springs a pinhole leak, sharpen a pencil and break it off into the hole. The graphite of the point will fill the hole, but yoCar Radiator Leaking? CJLR Got eggs? Crack a few into the radiator* It will fix most pinhole leaks *Note: only use the egg white If you read or saw Lord of the Flies you know that in napinch, glasses can startafire. And you probably know that you can use a magnifyingglass to staYou can rub deodorant stains out of your clothes using old pantyhose. CRACKEDCON You can remove superglue from your skin by soaking the glue with acetone or nail polish remover containing acetone. 3M super glue gel 5574 Acetone CH3Stains on your favorite suede shoes clothes furniture? Buff them with sandpaper and theyl II be good as new! GRAU CRACKED.CON Have a problem with floor drains backing up? Don't want to call Roto-Rooter... Or worse, still have the problem after calling them? Fix ITNeed to look like a proper gent but only have old dull razors? There is no need to go out and buy another expensive pack of SXX 6 -Blade 5000 disposabYou can remove dents from plastic bumpers just by treating the spot with hair dryer for several minutes and pushing the dent from inside with hands. oIF YOU HAVE NO CHOICE AND HAVE TO WEAR A DIRTY SHIRT, YOU CAN GET RID OF THE SMELL BY USING THE SAME VODKA THAT PROBABLY GOT YOU IN THIS SITUATION. PoCan't sleep 'cause of a noisy dripping faucet? Tie a thread on its tip, sleep a restful night, and fix it the next morning Right here (don't leave it You ball marks, marker can remove point ink stains, stains from fabrics by using hair spray. Simplify First, damp the spot with Secondly, decent use aAre you frozen out of your automobile? Sanitr Try covering your key with hand- sanitizer before inserting it in the lock. The alcohol in the sanitizerGRAGKODA Mouse That doesn't kill Trap! your furry friend Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Put food Place on ledge Watch mouse in toilet roll above bucket fall Get rid of squeaky noises on your hardwood floor by sprinkling some baby powder on the squeaky parts. Wipe off the powder and let the rest fall throug


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