20 Not-So-Smart People Did Not So Smart Things

Not-So-Smart People

We all have those moments, times when reason and logic are briefly suspended and a brain fart happens. If you are lucky, you are alone and the only bad consequence is the somewhat bruised ego that comes with the understanding that you aren’t actually as clever as you think you are.

Looks About Right

How To Look Very Stupid

Stupid Orange Cones Getting In My Way

He Was Told That We Are Getting Our First Snow Fall... He Laughed And Said No We Are Not

They Are So Clever

Parking On The Ice

Some People Wonder Why There Are Warning Labels On Everything. This Is One Example

Saw These Girls At Ikea. What Were They Thinking?

I Don't Think They Thought This One Through

I Don't Think They Thought This One Through

Nobody At The Church Thought This Was A Bad Idea?

Just Keep Pushing Bro, It Will Fit

Looks Like Someone Put Too Much Soap In The Washing Machine

We Own A Family Business. Mom Thought She Bought A Map Of The World For The Conference Room

Hospital I'm At Is Putting Cookies On The Patient Trays For Halloween. I Don't Think They Thought This Through

How Does This Even Happen?

I Don't Think My Mom Understands How Her Rice Cooker Works

So My Girlfriend Didn't Want To Lose The Keys To Her Lock

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