20 Of The Most Deceiving Packaging Designs

Some packaging designs are so evil, even Satan himself couldn’t have created them. The designs featured in this list came from places far more darker than Hell.

Biggest Letdown I’ve Had In A While To Be Honest

Are You Kidding Me

Doing The Lords Work

Im Sad, This Is Just Sad

This Should Be Punishable By Law

There Is A Special Place In Hell For Asshole Cookie Designers

Save The Extra Plastic And Just Make A Smaller Bottle Please

I’ve Been Bamboozled

Bigger Bottle, Less Tablets

Tea Came In A Pack Of 4, Faced Forwards

There’s Just Enough To Fit In The Window

This Roll Of Stickers Is Really Just A Sheet Of 20

This Pen Was Made To “Minimalize” Usage Of Plastic In It

This Pen Was Made To "Minimalize" Usage Of Plastic In It

My Box Of Staples Was More Box Than Staples

The Part That Is Invisible From Outside Is Empty

Kobe Beef Package That Hide 1/3 Of The (Missing) Steak

I've Been Bamboozled!

I Would Like To Thank Suave For Increasing The Size Of Their Bottle By -17%

I Want My Other 3/4

My Disappointment Is Immeasurable

Source: BoredPanda

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