20 Of The Most ‘Uneducated’ Posts Ever

Most ‘Uneducated’ Posts

Never has there been so much pseudoscience dangerously circulating around. Cow urine and bleach have been falsely named as COVID-19 cures. Other common fake news includes that the pandemic was leaked as a bioweapon, a byproduct of 5G wireless technology, and a political hoax. The explosion of this kind of wrong information surged just like coronavirus cases, and the World Health Organization called it the “infodemic.”

In order to show the stupidity of it, more than 43k members of the community are sharing and calling out the most ridiculous posts, arguments, pics, and comments they have spotted online.

Masks BadHer Own SonWhy Study Science?Lol Forever At “The Devil’s DoorbellThanks For TryingVaccinations vs. Seat Belts - Anti Vaxxers Flawed LogicBush Did 9/11*mic Drop*Anti-Masker Who Thinks Covid-19 Is A Hoax Accidentally Makes A Case For How Quarantines WorkThat’s Not How Flu Shots WorkThis Has To Be The Dumbest Question Ever Asked By An AntivaxxerThat’s Not…oh My GodAn English Scientist Appeared On Facebook This MorningAh Yes, The Saltshaker Version Of JesusVeganism Is SatanicVaccine Bad"2nd Grade Science" IndeedThis Flat Earth Page Is A GoldmineFantasy EarthDoes Trump Standing In The Same Room As Biden For 90 Minutes, Breathing The Same Air Count As An Assassination Attempt On The Competition?Karen? Is That You?Shared Unironically On My Timeline And Immediately Thought Of This Sub"I Dipped This Bowl In Liquid, Therefor The Earth Is Flat"Blinkingwhiteman.gifSalt The WoundsThis Guy Needs Some Answers. He Can’t Wait To Hear Your Globe Earth Explain This OneLittle Sharks Because Biology Is Irrelevant"This Is No Asteroid Hole"The Cure For Corona VirusA Friend Of My Sister's Posted This Unironically

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