20 People Regretted Shopping Online


Be cautious when you shop online. Because Wish is an online store, but it’s totally a monkey’s paw kind of deal cuz you never know what you’ll end up getting but we’re not sorry because it’s the perfect segue to talk about online shopping. Specifically, how it can go badly wrong because we’re either looking for a deal that’s too good to be true or we fall prey to low-quality products and a wide variety of scammers.

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Friend Bought $600 Apple Watch Off eBay. This Is What Came

Friend Bought $600 Apple Watch Off eBay. This Is What CamePearls Of Wisdom: Be Cautious When Ordering OnlineOrdered A Body Pillow Got A Wrist Rest Instead. I'm About 7.5 Bananas TallBought This Beauty During Quarantine For $60. I Was Stoked To Get My Hands On One Since They Were Sold Out EverywhereThis Guy Bought A Smartphone Online But Received A StoneOrdered Some Reclining Camping Chairs OnlineMother-In-Law Bought My Wife A Cozy Blanket From China. Dog For ScaleAfter 2 Months Of Waiting, I Finally Got My Mystery Tent BoxTurns Out I’m Not Very Good At Online ShoppingI Ordered A Rug For The Fireplace

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