20 Popular Board Games With Honest Titles

Board Games

Board games were a big part of childhood memories surrounding playing games with our friends and family, Smosh created these honest titles series for the popular board games – but these are different than you remember.

Who doesn’t remember classic games, With their new title make-overs, you might not be able to look at these board games the same ever again. Check out the hilarious and accurate new names below:

Family Fight NightHow To Find Out That Everybody Went To A Better School Than YouIn A Month You'll Only Have Three MarblesA Fun -Filled Afternoon Of Raising Kids And Buying InsuranceIt's A Coil. Enjoy ThatThis Game Could Be Played With Two Sheets Of Paper And A PenStraight Line Straight Line Straight Line SquareYou'll Say "Sorry" But What You'll Really Mean Is "#%@$ You!"The Game Of Hiding Out In Australia Until The Very EndThis Will Never WorkHomicide For Ages 8 And UpThis Game Of Yelling And BookkeepingIf It Comes In A Bag Then It's Not The Real ThingIt Has Robots! It Has Punching! If that's not enough then frankly we don't know what to sayHand - Cranked Frozen Margarita MachineBarbie's Severed Head For Would - Be Serial KillersClaim The Corners Or LoseNo Idea Actually, This Game Kinda Scares UsSpaz!I Wasn't Cheating!


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