20 Most Popular Websites Since 1996

20 Most Popular Websites (2)

Since the early days of internet there is always ups and downs of websites, Some new websites come, Old ones go and some are just stuck around. Here is a very informative chart which will show the 20 most popular websites since 1996. You might recognize many of them even now and some you didn’t even heard off (Mostly new internet users) But there were some very crappy sites which stuck for very long in the charts. Simply because there wasn’t too much competition before.

These charts will show you exactly when was each site were popular and when titans fall and become the writing in the pages of history. AOL and Yahoo were there too, as they have been ever since. Mostly, however, the list is garbage nonsense like “GNN” and “Teleport,” which we don’t even know what they are.

What’s really interesting, though, is that top tier: Microsoft/MSN. Yahoo, after absorbing Geocities. And, out of the blue, Google — which replaced other search engines (Altavista and Webcrawler, for example) as the go-to for web users.

Via: Washington Post

20 Most Popular Websites

20 Most Popular Websites

20 Most Popular Websites

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